Introduction: is a combination online dating and social networking site with links to travel related topics and locations.. allows members to enter their travel profiles where and when they plan to travel in the future, the kind of place they want to stay and the type of activities they would like to be engaged in when they get there. By profiling travel plans like the wheres whens and whys of travel, members can meet as a group or negotiate better rates. An added bonus is our member travel companies can offer exclusive specials to an exclusive group of qualified and often sophisticated travelers. Instead of buying a monthly membership - members join free, browse members and receive messaging from other members all for free. Members browse membership free. 5 free messages for signing.

1-Sign in home page, this is where you type in your username/password.

2-Next page is your home page

Home Page:

The home page gives you a ‘bird’s eye’ view of activity.

You will see all “3” communities on your home page, and any corresponding activity for each community:

Friends and Travel Companions
Dating and Romance
Wild Side

This is a general overall view of your activity on the system.


Each ‘box’ contains new message or member activity based on the following:

1-instant message – short text messages sent to you
2-mail – new email activity from other members to you
3-smiles/flirts – someone has shown interest in you.
4-VIP passes (private pictures) – private pictures another member has sent you.
5-new photos added – new photos added to the system by other members.

Managing each community box at the far right is a profile, underneath profile is Manage. This is where you can build a unique profile for "each" community. You can have up to "3" unique profiles. One for each community.

Here is a summary of the sections:

1-“Introduction” is your ‘nickname’ and ‘opening line’ – you can edit both as often as you like

2-In my own words” is the information you want to give to other members, age physical description. Show the side of yourself that really best suits your personality. This area will be screened by edatetravel staff prior to posting. Make sure you use no last names, email addresses or phone numbers or anything that may be deemed offensive.

3-Since you asked. “3” criteria questions we ask you

4-Personal details- about yourself

Home Bottom:

At the bottom of the home page are the lifestyle and travel based sections.

These sections deal with unique lifesytle activities and travel destinations, what is hot and provides a different perspective on the world around you. Most of the articles and content are from our Link Partners - travel and lifestyle web sites we have hand picked to be part of our growing directory of cool places to go on the planet!


On the home page, right under the top banner are the “3” communities- Friendship/travel-dating/romance-wild side. These sections appear on every page of the site. When you click onto any one of the ‘3” communities from your home page the corresponding community will appear with your ‘opening line’ and ‘at a glance message activity’ for that particular section.

On the right hand side of each of your communities is a box with the following “click” on menu explanation as follows:

Mailbox- new mail from members and saved mail are kept here. You are able to delete any mail yourself.
Flirting history- members that have sent a “flirt” to you and the date is was sent to you.
Message history-this is your personal message history.
About you- where your personal profile is
$buy tokens-an explanation of the cost/purchase of tokens to make contact with other members. (Currently, usage is free for a limited time period).
Help- a general outline and explanation on how to navigate
Logout-takes you back to the splash page, or sign in page to log out. Or you can simply close the window.



Submitting your photos

Upload from your hard drive. You will find detailed instructions in the ‘About You” section – Pictures - Submitting Pictures

Submitting a photo criteria and guidelines

VIP Passes.
You can send your private (VIP) photos. Simply send an email to the person and check the box to allow access to your pictures.

Members can request to see your pictures the same way. You decide who sees them.

Friend or “Foe’

You may want to add members to your "friend list", while others you may want to block from communicating with you. To do this, go to the members profile and you will see the icons.

Hot or Not?

add to friend list
add to banned list

Click on the appropriate icon.

Once you add someone to your ‘friends’ or ‘banned’ lists – you can view them from the top navigation bar under lists:

Can I unblock someone?

Yes, simply go to the banned list to find the person you want to unblock. Open their profile and press the “Remove from Banned List’ icon.

What does a flirt mean?

A ‘Flirt’ is an easy way to show someone you have an interest. Here’s how it works:


No matter if you are in Friends/Travel Companions, Dating & Romance or Wild Side – all you have to remember is anything to do with ‘you’ is on the right side bar Anything to do with other members is ALWAYS along the top.

As pictured here your information is on the right. You can see it in a menu under the tab representing the section of edatetravel you are in.

Here’s an explanation of these catagories:

Mailbox – any email you get from other members.
Flirting History – Flirts you may have received or sent.
Message History – All message history – including Instant Messaging.
About You – modify your profile in each section. You can have different profiles in each section.
$ Buy Tokens – pay for the services when enabled – for a limited it's FREE!
Help – is where you are now.
Log Out – sign off

Looking at members:

New – new members since you logged in last.
Online- members who are currently "live online”
Lists - kept list of members.
Local - local to your area members.
Browse - through members.
Saved - Custom searches you have saved.
Custom - search. Type in criteria.
Nickname - search members by nickname.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1-Are there any gimmicks involved in the “free” signups?
Absolutely not. You join for free and are given 40 tokens for 8 free massages between members. After that you can purchase tokens using your credit card or PayPal account. Tokens last as long as they are not used.

2-How do I narrow my choices down when searching for someone online?
You can narrow your search by filling out a criteria profile. Keep to locals in your area. Find someone by nickname or by username.

3-Are there rules when using this site as a member?
Yes. There can be no solicitation, threats, racial ethnic slurs, threats to members of the staff of edatetravel, no commercial advertisements, and you must be 18 years or older.

4-Why should I use edatetravel?
We are the only online dating site that offers a combination of two of the most active online businesses - matchmaking and travel. In addition, our Travel Link Partners give insight to some very exotic and out of the way travel destinations. For the home based business peoson, our affiliate programs allow you to participate, have fun and make some great money while doing something you love.

5-Do you monitor or edit my profile or private messages that I send, or receive to members?

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